your story already exists

this morning feeling like stories aren't something you create. Stories are there, you just have to uncover them.  Similarly, you don't write characters. Characters already exist, but they hide. You have to track them down. And once you do, if you just hang out with them and allow them do what they'd normally do if you weren't there, they'll tell you what the story is.  But you have to pay attention. You have to watch and listen. . . And be ready to write it all down. Because if you don't, your characters will abandon you and your story will disappear.


NU coverage of NewCity's 2013 Film50


NewCity's List of Chicago's Film 50

Proud/Humbled to be included on this list.


Students Filmmakers Spotlights Fast Talk 

Check out Studentsfilmmakers spotlight of Debra Tolchinsky's Fast Talk (co-produced by me):


Fast Talk to be released Oct 11 on iTunes

Very pleased to announce: The feature documentary Fast Talk, directed by Debra Kahn Tolchinsky and produced by Deb, Ron Ward and myself with an original score by Mark Koval will be available for iTunes purchase and rental starting Oct 11 (pre-order starting Oct 3). Mark your calendar and tell your friends. (Amazon VOD and DVD soon after that.)