Gave talk at the Prague Film School

Gave a talk on February 16 on "Understanding Character Arc: A Screenwriter's Perspective" at the Prague Film School, very cool institution in a very cool city.

What is “classic” character development based on 3-act structure or the Hero’s Journey/mythic structure? What are recent trends? What happens when you leave off the beginning or end of a character arc or twist our expectations about what an arc should be? What does a character arc look like when time is compressed, expanded, reversed, or duplicated (either within a film or across TV episodes)?  When is it appropriate not to have a character arc (that is, your character is unchanging)? Finally, how is character arc related to theme/message?  In general, as a writer, how can you use an understanding of character arc to jumpstart your writing process? 



Keep an eye out for posters


Debra Tolchinsky/True Memories and Other Falsehoods in the News


The Coming of Age Showing in Modena, Italy on November 22

The Coming of Age, directed by David Bradburn, written by me, produced by both of us is showing at this festival in Modena, centering on the theme of mental health, on November 22:

Please tell your friends who live in Modena or Bologna.



Fun visit with Writer John Logan

With faculty members/writers Zayd Dohrn and Thomas Bradshaw and our NU MFAs in Writing for Screen and Stage.