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When memories can't be trusted. . . 

Check our our teaser:  "What if it's not a dream, but a memory. . . ."

A psychological thriller written and directed by David E. Tolchinsky. Now in post production. An Institutional Quality Productions presentation.

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A policewoman named Crawley finds the house that matches the latest sketch by 'Cassandra,' a killer who likes to draw the location of her next murder. The house belongs to Field, a retired psychiatrist. He reveals that a long time ago he had treated a 12-year-old patient named Cassandra Philips, who obsessively drew disturbing scenes involving half-human, half-animal creatures. Field helped her recover what he believed were memories of some kind of unspeakable abuse, until he realized they were false memories, or rather, until he was prosecuted for implanting false memories in his patients and was no longer allowed to practice psychiatry. As the day starts to unravel in strange ways, it becomes clear no one and nothing is as it appears to be.  .  . 


















Sara Bues* as Crawley

Chicago credits include: Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window (Goodman Theatre), East of Eden (Steppenwolf Theatre), King Lear (Chicago Shakespeare Theatre), Othello (The Gift Theatre) and Various Characters in Where's the Rest of Me? as part of Sick by Seven (A Red Orchid Theatre).  Other credits include Lost in Yonkers (Syracuse Stage), Embedded(Edinburgh Fringe Festival), and The Argument (The Attic Theatre). Sara is a proud graduate of Syracuse University Drama and the School at Steppenwolf. 

John Fenner Mays* as Dr. Field

John Fenner Mays is nearly 20 year veteran of Chicago’s stories Off-Loop Theatre scene, having appeared in close to 40 Productions. Some favorite Credits include: Three Sisters(Piven Theatre), Dead Letter Office(Dog & Pony Theatre), Autumn Garden(Eclipse Theatre), Buried Child(Mary Arrchie Theatre), King of Coons(Congo Square Theatre), Soul of a Whore(Viaduct Theater), and Kin(Griffin Theatre). Commercial Credits Include: National Spots for Coors Light and US Bank. TV Credits Include: NBC’s Chicago Justice. Film roles Include: Public Enemies, Design and Serious Business, Plus the Short Films Air Conditions and Before the Fall.















Ruby Dalton* as Cassandra




Ruby is loving her first film experience, being a part of Cassandra. She’s had extensive on-stage musical and theatrical experience at Bravo Performing Arts Academy, in Oak Park, IL. Thanks to Gray Talent for all her new opportunities. 





RJ Barnes* as Porch Victim and Antlered Figure 

RJ Barnes is a Chicago actor. He has appeared in several representative roles in professional sports commercials. He is an avid sports and technology junkie that prides himself on being at the forefront of new trends. When not cheering on the Lakers and Cubs, RJ watches comedies and game shows.  RJ aspires to work as a network personality on a game show as his career develops in acting.







David E Tolchinsky, writer/director









Madison Jones, producer 











Robert Patrick Stern*, director of photographer 

 Sarah Sharp*, production designer and SFX artist

Sarah Sharp has been working professionally in the artistic crew film and fashion industry for seven years. She has literally traveled the country, working in every genre from westerns to fantasy and has been recognized for her 1980s period-style SXSW ‘The Muck.’ Her drive and sometimes unrealistic dedication has offered her great opportunities to work with known talents such as Sean Astin, James Caan, Omar Epps, Dante Spinotti, and many others in collaboration at a young age. In 2013 she and Director of Photography Robert Patrick Stern dug deeper into their love for films and cinematic beauty with The Line Film Company and are now in production of their 4th feature film. Working creatively with Robert on such an fx and art influenced film as Cassandra required very little convincing when the short presented itself.



 Chad Davis*, editor








featuring the artworks of Angela Azmitia and Alexis Moulds and Krista Varsbergs.

*pending contractual confirmation. 






When memories can't be trusted. . .










until they have to be. . .