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Pics at the Reception for the 2018 Graduating MFAs

With playwrights Thomas Bradshaw and Brett Neveu. Pics by Joe Mazza/bravelux.com




Talk at Claremont-McKenna April 2

on "The Politics of Movie/TV Endings"-- fun to do, well attended, and great questions from the audience. 



Gave talk at the Prague Film School

Gave a talk on February 16 on "Understanding Character Arc: A Screenwriter's Perspective" at the Prague Film School, very cool institution in a very cool city.

What is “classic” character development based on 3-act structure or the Hero’s Journey/mythic structure? What are recent trends? What happens when you leave off the beginning or end of a character arc or twist our expectations about what an arc should be? What does a character arc look like when time is compressed, expanded, reversed, or duplicated (either within a film or across TV episodes)?  When is it appropriate not to have a character arc (that is, your character is unchanging)? Finally, how is character arc related to theme/message?  In general, as a writer, how can you use an understanding of character arc to jumpstart your writing process? 



Fun visit with Writer John Logan

With faculty members/writers Zayd Dohrn and Thomas Bradshaw and our NU MFAs in Writing for Screen and Stage.



Inspiring visit with Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright, Ayad Akhtar (Disgraced)

Last Tuesday, Zayd Dohrn and I co-moderated an inspiring conversation with Pulitzer-prize winning playwright/screenwriter/actor Ayad Akhtar (Disgraced) with our MFA writing students.