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Great Production of my play Where's the Rest of Me?

at the Road Theatre as part of The Road's Summer Playwrights Festival.  Here's a picture of me, the director, and my cast and the director of the festival after the performance. Thanks to Tim Craig for the picture. #spf9

More info about the play:  http://davidetolchinsky.com/wheres-the-rest-of-me/


Introducing the Cast of Where's The Rest of Me? 

Now fully cast -- August 4, 2018, The Road Theatre, Los Angeles, as part of The Road Theatre's Summer Playwrights Festival 9. Written by Dave TolchinskyWhere's The Rest of Me? will be directed by Ryan McRee, with Robert Beddall as Dave, John Gowans as Marshall, Albie Selznick as Spalding, and Emily Jerez as all other characters. More info at http://www.roadtheatre.org. #spf9

 the logline:

A screenwriter wrestles with his relationship to Spalding Gray, his psychiatrist father and the classic movie, King’s Row.  A dark and funny journey through movies, monologues and mental illness. 

Here’s more info/history about the play –  



Meet the Cast of the Chicago Production of Where's the Rest of Me?

Excited to work with the awesome cast of the Chicago production of my play Where’s the Rest of Me? which I’m directing, opening June 17 at A Red Orchid Theatre: Sara Bues as All Other Characters, Dan Flannery as Marshall Edelson, Johnny Moran as Dave, Tim Newell as Spalding Gray.

Where's The Rest of Me? is part of Institutional Quality Productions of Sick by Seven, seven plays+video’s about sickness and health in the modern world, at A Red Orchid Theatre, as part of their Incubator Series. Curated by Brett Neveu and myself and produced by Sarah Gitenstein. More info coming soon.